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fmMailscanX allows you to scan and extract data from incoming email messages and to write that data to a Filemaker Pro database. Data may be extracted from any email message field and used to create a new record in a database or to identify an existing record and then to update or delete it.

This is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to store information received by email into a FileMaker Pro database.

"Handles all my web input forms via email and never misses a beat" - Caroline Harris, 'Island Ventures'

"A really great product that helps automate our office and organise our web site data entry" - David Shaw, 'Java Solutions'

fmMailscanX scans incoming email and uses a set of user defined rules to decide -

  • which email messages are to be selected and processed
  • how and from where the data is to be extracted for each message
  • how the data is to be used to maintain a FileMaker Pro database.
  • whether or not a notification email is to be sent after successfully processing a message

Data may be extracted from virtually anywhere within an email message field by defining start and termination character strings. That is, once the start character string has been detected, the data that follows it is extracted up until the detection of the termination character string. For example, if an email contains web form data of the format :

FirstName: Joe
Surname: Smith

then the first name may be extracted by defining the start string to be 'FirstName:' and the termination string to be '\n' (new line). Likewise the surname data may be extracted by defining the start string to be 'Surname:' and the termination string '\n' .

Once the data has been extracted it may be further processed by a user defined AppleScript. The processed data may then be mapped to a specific Filemaker Pro database field.

fmMailscanX can be scheduled to scan email at a set time and to repeat scans at preset intervals.

fmMailscanX does not directly read email, it instead relies upon the services of third party email applications. Specifically, it supports the email clients Eudora, Entourage, Mailsmith, OSX Mail and Powermail.

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