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fmMailmergeX is a personal bulk mailer that supports the merging of data from FileMaker Pro databases together with user defined template letters to generate output messages that may then be sent via email.

This is an invaluable tool for anyone with a database of contacts; whether they be business contacts, family or friends.

"Finally a application that lets me get the most out of my FileMaker databases" - Mike Duncombe, 'Barnes Bay Villas'

"An easy to use time-saver that has helped us organise and communicate with our customer base" - Phil Wood, 'Tweezy Systems'

fmMailmergeX can generate both plain and HTML output that exceeds 32k in length and can support embedded graphics that are either present in the template letter or are merged from a FileMaker Pro database during processing. The application also supports the sending of multiple email file attachments.

fmMailmergeX operates by providing facilities for the creation and maintenance of letter definitions. A letter definition is a collection of parameters and a template letter that together describe how a letter is to be constructed and to whom the letter is to be sent. The template letter may contain any number of 'tags', each of which point to data fields within a specific FileMaker Pro database. When a letter definition is processed, the template letter is merged with selected records from the specified database. That is, the tags in the template letter are replaced with live data from the selected records. For example :

The text '[Title] [First_Name] [Last-Name]' would be replaced by the string 'Mr Joe Smith where the text 'Mr', 'Joe' and 'Smith' is merged from the 'Title', 'First_Name' and 'Last_Name' fields of the database record currently being processed.

The constructed letter is then addressed, optionally using further data from the database and then dispatched via email.

fmMailmergeX does not directly send email it instead relies upon the services of third party email applications. Specifically, it supports the email clients Eudora, OSX Mail, Entourage, Powermail and Mailsmith.

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